The Song of Lunch, starring Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson

"When he notices for the first time the faint, faint nimbus of the lens circling the gold-shot azure of each iris. Well, of course. ‘Oracle eyes’ he used to call them. The harder you looked, the more sublime and unreadable they became. But have they lost their old force? The heretical question strengthen his own stare. Gaze meets gaze, revealing, as ever, everything and nothing there.

Flyaway thought. Back to life.”


Alan “hellafine” Rickman in Die Hard [1988]

HUNS >/////<.


Benedict Cumberbatch reveals his secrets.

Benedict Sillybatch photobombs U2 at the 86th Annual Academy Awards (x)


for the lovely romi 

Simply Jon Kortajarena by Camila Falquez [2012]

“I’m wildly unhappy, I’m trying to buy it, and it’s not working.”
- Jacob Palmer [Crazy Stupid Love]

Emma Watson for Elle Belgique [January 2013]